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Avalanche Essence

Limited Edition

Limited to forty pieces worldwide

offered for a Limited Time

with the 15%off

Welcome to my world

Avalanche represents the history of Tribe.
When I started doing this job, 15 years ago, I designed this  bass  for the needs of professionals and passionate players.
To celebrate 15 years of Tribe, I wanted to make an essential version of Avalanche, with just one pickup and volume, that's it!
The essence of the bass guitar.
For the limited time of a few days you can pre order your Avalanche Essence Limited Edition, in this metallic white color with red racing stripes, which will never be repeated.

Davide Garbujo

Founder & CEO


Construction: Bolt On neck

Body: Swamp Ash

Neck: 5 pieces- roasted maple with walnut skunk stripes

Fretboard: Pau Ferro

Radius: 14"

Nut Width: 38mm

Nut: Graphtech USA

Inlay: LED red dots and Luminlay side dots

Tuners: Hipshot Ultralight

Bridge: Hipshot KickAss with adjustable string spacing

Pickup: Aguilar DCB-M4

Electronics: passive

Controls: Volume, LED Switch On/off

Weight: 3,4Kg (Average)

Gig Bag: Deluxe Tribe Gig Bag included

Each bass will come with certificate and serial number, delivery in 4 months from the order confirmation.

You can choose your serial number, just send us an email with your number before pay the deposit.

The white ones are avaiable, the red one are sold.

Serial Numbers:

#01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #07 #08 #09 #10#11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31

#32 #33 #34 #35 #36 #37 #38 #39 #40

The look, definitely inspired by the US cars, makes this instrument a true muscle bass!.

Unlike cars, here you only have a control that is equivalent to the accelerator ... the volume is enough, no brakes!

The slim body allows Avalanche to be very light and well balanced, for the maximum confort 

The  Hipshot bridge with adjustable string spacing allows you to find the perfect adjustment for the maximum comfort.

You'll kill your fans with the sound of the Aguilar DCB-M4....

The neck heel has been designed to give the bass a modern look and, above all, to make the use of the last frets comfortable.

Matching headstock with Hipshot Ultralight tuners. Graphtech nut.

 Long tenon  for a deeper transmission of vibrations from the neck to the body

Red lights for your sexy beauty!

Order your Avalanche Essence now and tell us the serial number you wish.
The bass will be handcrafted for you and will be delivered in four month from the order confirmation.

Join the tribe, hundreds of bass players around the world are already part of it.
we are waiting for you with open arms!

There are only a few hours left to get a 15% off.

Place your order now and save 390,- euros

Get your tribe Avalanche Essence for 2205,-
Once the countdown reaches zero, the price will be 2695,-

*shipping and csutom duties are no included (if due)

Email us for further questions and to get the serial number you wish.

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