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Who Wants An Exclusive Bass, Entirely Handmade And That Turns Simple Listeners Into Real Fans?

The Bass

Avalanche Essence

Limited Edition

Is The New

"Sex, Drugs and  Rock'n Roll"

After playing it, you will no longer want to touch any other instrument. Find out why now.

Do you remember when Paul McCartney played the golden years of music and filled the Beatles' concerts with emotion?

Remember when Flea started with solos and the whole crowd was almost as hypnotized by that deep and intense rhythm or when Lemmy disheveled everyone with his riffs?

If also you remember them then there is no doubt, we are like two friends who follow the same philosophy of life and know how to appreciate true music.

You immediately recognize those who love real music!

I am Davide Garbujo and, in case it is your first time,          

Welcome to Tribe!

Just like you I feed on the same fuel:

Pure Rock.

15 years ago I decided to create a group, a community of people

(to date we are more than 20,000!)

united by the same musical tastes because this is exactly how we live:

our music is what distinguishes us, a lifestyle, a sweet but at the same time hard and proud indelible tattoo; it is not a fad, but a creed.

And I’ll tell you more: 15 years ago not only Tribeguitars was born, but also the tool that represents the history of our community and has changed the lives of so many people throughout Europe:

The Avalanche Bass.

Just for this particular occasion, I wanted to make a special limited edition version to pay tribute to the original bass:

Avalanche Essence Limited Edition

This white metallic color bass with red Racing Stripes is inspired by American cars and will be the vehicle through which you will shout your talent producing real music for you and your fans.

A real war machine; the difference is that here you only have the accelerator, that is

the volume!

You Should Know, Though, That Not All Basses Are Fine.

One of the biggest problems that artists encounter sooner or later is the ergonomics of the instrument they play, which can be uncomfortable, unbalanced and heavy.

Imagine going onstage, or being at rehearsals or a studio recording session:

the heavy and unbalanced body or the uncomfortable and thick neck of a common bass does not allow you an optimal execution, especially when it comes to playing for several hours; not to mention the weight factor: after a while the back, your shoulders and your arms are tired.

This was a problem that I couldn’t stand, I was tired and the quality of my music, unfortunately, was greatly affected.

However, over time I realized that the solution is to make changes to the body (making it slim and ergonomic) and build it in such a way that the weight is balanced.

As for the last frets, which can be the most uncomfortable to reach with the hand and fingers, the contoured neck heel simplifies the movements of the fingers without struggling as much as with a “traditional” bass.

It doesn't matter if you've been playing for years or you've just started:

I designed this bass for the needs of professionals and passionate musicians

just like you.

There has never been such a perfect time to turn your career around or start it on the right foot:

Imagine the unparalleled emotion of becoming almost one with your bass, in total symbiosis with your instrument… Imagine how you’ll feel when your fans will not want to leave room until they hear the last note!!

Passion, study, talent, and the right bass are the secret ingredients that have made Paul and Flea amazing successful artists!

Take a look at the musicians who have chosen a Tribe bass as their instrument:

Each one different from the other thanks to the personal touch that you can bring to the instrument:

Be careful though, because the bass isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for you if:

  • You are not interested in learning to play one of the most beautiful and memorable instruments in the history of music!

  • You think that having a bass is a waste of time, money and that no rocker should ever run after it

  • You don't feel the real music inside

However, i am sure, that if you have come to read this far, you also have the rock spirit and, for this reason, I want to make you an exclusive discount that I will NEVER repeat again:

Since we celebrate 15 years of activity in our community I wanted to decrease the price of the

 Avalanche Essence Limited Edition

by 15% off.

( From €2695 to €2205!)

You are not just buying a bass, you are about to transform your life thanks to an instrument that allows you to express even more your potential and what you really are, all this with only 4 strings”

                                                                                                          Hermes Locatelli, Bass Player

Don’t wait any longer because the discount will not be active forever:

Given the constantly increasing orders for Avalanche Essence, I will soon withdraw this exclusive offer, which will happen

when the countdown marks 0.

If You Don't Want To Miss The Biggest Chance Of Your Music Career Order Now And Get 15% Off Now..

You Are Also 100% Protected By My Warranty!

We carefully handle the process of building instruments from the beginning to the end, using the best American materials to make the sound as genuine and transparent as possible and the posture comfortable and light.

In case of problems send an email to the following address and you will be contacted within 24h

(*The guarantee is valid for two years from the date of purchase and includes full repair or replacement of the instrument**))

Are You Finally Ready To Become A Real Artist?

For any question don't hesitate to contact us:

Let’s Rock Together!

Davide Garbujo, Tribe CEO & Founder

*** The product will be delivered directly to your home without problems as soon as it is ready; the first deliveries will start in June 2020 ***


Construction: Bolt On neck

Body: Swamp Ash

Neck: 5 pieces- roasted maple + 2 wlanut skunk stripes

Fretboard: Pau Ferro

Radius: 14"

Nut Width: 38mm

Nut Graphtech USA

Inlay: LED red dots and Luminlay side dots

Tuners: Hipshot Ultralight

Bridge: Hipshot KickAss with adjustable string spacing

Pickup: Aguilar DCB-M4

Electronics: passive

Controls: Volume, LED Switch On/off

Average Weight: 3,4Kg

Gig Bag: Deluxe Tribe Gig Bag included

Each instrument will comes with certificate and wrench keys

Before paying, you can choose your serial number, please email us at to get yours

The white ones are avaialble, the red ones are sold !

Serial Numbers:

#01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #07 #08 #09 #10#11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31

#32 #33 #34 #35 #36 #37 #38 #39 #40

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